Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Pet First And CPR: Learning it may save your dog's life!

You are your pet's first responder!

According to the American Animal Hospital Association 25% more pets would survive if just one first aid technique was applied prior to receiving emergency veterinary care.

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation is the most important first aid technique that every pet owner should be comfortable with. Chances are that you will never have to use it, but it will save your pet's life if a foreign object gets lodged in his airway.

Canine Assisted Therapy and Dr. Rudd Nelson, DVM have been providing pet first aid and CPR seminars for the past year.  To date, there have been 5 animals saved because the owners attended one of these classes. We were fortunate enough to hear first hand a very touching story about Magnolia who was saved because her owner attended our C.A.T. pet first aid and CPR course.  It is our pleasure to share this wonderful story with you.  We hope that it will help everyone understand the importance of learning pet first aid and CPR.
Read the story of Magnolia the Papillion.... "Mouth to Snout" The Breath of Life

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